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How to bet on the Champions League

One of the most prestigious and important tournaments in Europe in the Champions League. In most cases, it is the one on which soccer fans from all over the world place their bets. The Champions League is held during almost the entire season of the ongoing championships. The tournament starts with four qualifying rounds.

After the group stage, the draw for the Champions League 1/8 finals begins. The following conditions are observed:

  • If clubs represent the same country or played in the same group, they are allocated to different subgroups.
  • The winner of the previous group must play the team that finished second in the other group.
  • The winner must play the first match away from the opponent.
  • Starting from this stage and reaching the semi-finals, the teams must play two matches: at home and away. Based on their results, it is decided who can pass to the next round.

Beginning with the quarterfinals, the rules for 1/8 cease to apply. Here, teams that have played in the same group or represent the same country may become rivals.

The final is played as a single match. It is played in a neutral stadium. In this case, the venue is marked before the start of the tournament. The stadium is chosen according to the strict requirements of UEFA and must have a five-star rating.

How can I win if I bet on the Champions League?

One of the main principles of successful betting is the ability to find and analyze data. A good bettor analyzes all incoming information, checking it for reliability, studying statistics on which it is based. For a competent prediction of the results of future games, it is necessary to know better the statistics of soccer clubs, as well as the leading players for a previous couple of years. Focus on those who are the leaders among the players. They can significantly affect the outcome of the outcome. If the best player on the team has been eliminated or injured and he will not be able to play, it is likely to worsen the results of all players in the club.

Bookmakers have their experts who make predictions and calculate odds. How they do it, no one knows. However, by constantly following the changes in odds, an experienced bettor can easily determine who, according to the bookmaker, is a clear favorite. Creating Champions League predictions, you need to take into account any changes in odds at the bookmaker's office.

When making a prediction, you can't do without intuition. True, only at the beginning. Becoming a professional player is a tremendous reservoir of knowledge and experience, including the nuances of the best players' relationships on the soccer field. Moreover, there appear reliable sources of information, insiders, etc. This allows you to make predictions based only on facts and calculations, therefore making them more successful. However, first of all, the general statistics of the teams and their meetings with each other, the way they played on their own and other people's field is studied.

Basically, the collection of information includes:

  • History of meetings between opposing teams.
  • How the players' last matches went.
  • Who is the top scorer.
  • Who is the best assistant.

The more data the predictor can gather, the more likely outcome he will be able to call. It is worth bearing in mind that even such a small thing as the lawn or weather, a quarrel in the team and others affect the outcome. Therefore, many rely not only on analytical data but also on their intuition for personal prediction.

Bookmakers are trying to attract the maximum number of players. Therefore, the odds of the leaders are always the highest, and the bonus offers are generous.